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Rima Fand

violin, voice

Rima Fand is a Brooklyn-based composer, musician and vocalist with a passion for multi-disciplinary performance. She has created music for performances ranging from experimental puppet theater to large-scale tableau vivant to contemporary musical theater to clown shows. She has also played in numerous creative musical ensembles, including the raucous string band Luminescent Orchestrii, with whom she toured internationally for a decade, and currently Sherita, a Balkan-inspired acoustic quartet, as well as Hydra, a women’s a cappella trio.

Rima is an inventor and very interested in that which is innovative, but is also strongly drawn to old traditions. She loves the vibrant, earthy sounds of folk music, and but also loves exploring sounds that are strange and new. Her favorite place from which to create is on that edge where the traditional meets the experimental. She is excited by the moment of intersection- when the poetry and archetypal stories of the past speak to the present, and are translated anew into our contemporary context.


Greg Squared

clarinet, voice

Greg Squared is the preferred alias of New York City-based woodwind player and composer Greg Schneiderman. He has studied music with groundbreaking 20th Century improvisers George Lewis and Bertram Turetzky, as well as with saxophone virtuoso Paul Cohen. Additionally, his travels in the Balkans have allowed him the opportunity to take lessons from a host of influential players, including Selim Sesler, Ferus Mustafov and the late Sami-Buco Zekirovski (of Esma Redzepova’s band).

Greg’s expressive playing style and distinctive voice on saxophone and clarinet have figured prominently in the sound of many NYC groups, including the Hungry March Band, Raya Brass Band, and Ansambl Mastika, a group he lead from 2005-2011, and which exclusively featured his compositions.



Renée Renata Bergan

percussion, voice

Renée (Renata) Bergan is a multi-faceted performer: singer, dancer, percussionist, fire spinner, stilt walker and actor! She hails from CA where her formative percussion years were playing kit in a poppy punk band, The Cherries. Upon hearing the call from the Middle East, she fell into a trance! This passion led her join the UC Santa Barbara’s Middle Eastern Ensemble (as a drummer, dancer and solo singer), where she was a member for over 10 years under the tutelage of Scott Marcus, Souhail Kaspar and Alexandra King.

Her carpet ride eventually landed her in Egypt for six months, where she studied percussion, dance and vocal technique with masters Raquia Hassan, Aida Nour and the Reda Troupe. A world music junkie, she has also explored other genres such as Indian, Balkan, Persian, Flamenco and African music and dance, and has had the honor of performing with her teachers Mamak Khadem and Shanti Shivani throughout CA and NYC.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY – she is a member of bands Sherita and Baharat, and dances with Desert Sin and Enchanted Fire Troupe. When she’s not busy performing….her other life is a filmmaker.


Adam Good

ud, tambura

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Udi Adam currently finds his home in Brooklyn, NY. With a foundation in jazz guitar, his interest in the music of Eastern Europe and Turkey began around 1994. His talent on Macedonian tambura, Turkish ud and guitar, playing the dance and folk music of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, has made Adam a fixture of New York’s Balkan music scene. He plays regularly with the ensembles Sherita, Dolunay, Pontic Firebird and Hoshneva with Ahmet Erdogdular, and has issued a CD entitled “Melodies for Macedonian Tambura and Kaval.”